Wednesday, January 12, 2011

last friday we were lucky enough to score tickets to a celtics game, which gave us an opportunity to spend some quality time in boston's north end, a place we unfortunately do not visit often enough.  after watching the celtics crush the raptors, we strolled down snowy streets toward the north end for some cannoli and cappuccinos.  of course, our first stop was mike's pastry (famous for their cannoli).  we obviously couldn't resist the hundreds of other pastries, and left with a larger box than expected.  next, we stopped at boston's first italian cafe, caffe vittoria, for some amazing cappuccinos.  a cozy little place filled with chatty north end locals and beautiful antique espresso machines.

after doing some furniture shopping on saturday, we thought we should keep the italian-theme weekend alive by making homemade pizza...our specialty!  pizza-making has become a weekend ritual for us, and  we have now perfected our own recipes (if we do say so ourselves).  stay tuned for a pizza-only post with pictures and recipes to follow!

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