Tuesday, November 13, 2012

living in richmond, va (rva to those who don't know) has started to grow on us a bit, and we have actually discovered some pretty good stuff around here.  the food scene is burgeoning, the art and music scene is coming to life as well, and outdoor life has more to offer than we thought.  not only have we discovered many cool things here in rva, but there are numerous entertaining destinations in all directions, and they are just a short drive away.  the nations capital is only an hour and a half away, charlotesville--the home of thomas jefferson, one of our founding fathers--is a short 45 minutes away, and the always classy virginia beach is about two hours to the east--with options like this who wouldn't be excited!  in the extremely fast nine months that we have been here we have seen all of it and more, pretty good for a couple of full time students, one of which is working full time too.  but enough whining about how hard we are working, here is a little sneak peek at central va....

more to come...


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  1. more to come? STOP. SLACKING. I WANT MORE PICS OF PUPS. xoxo DJ LC